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In a bid to tackle the sexual exploitation and abuse of children, IT'S A PENALTY aims to raise awareness amongst football fans and those travelling to Brazil for the World Cup that if they engage in sexual exploitation with a child aged 17 and under they could face prosecution both in Brazil, and their home country upon returning.

The World Cup will be held in Brazil during June and July 2014. It is estimated that there are over 250,000 children involved in the child sex trade in Brazil (UNICEF). Police authorities are concerned that young girls in Brazilian cities will be trafficked and girls as young as 11 will be groomed for prostitution and offered to football fans and tourists. That is why we are taking action now.

IT’S A PENALTY is led by Happy Child International, Jubilee Campaign and The A21 Campaign, working in conjunction with the National Crime Agency whose CEOP command leads on tackling travelling child sexual offenders in the UK.

Rose's Story

Rose was forced to sell herself for sex on the main streets of Recife, a city in poorer north east Brazil, late at night outside a motel with a group of other very young girls dressed up to look older than they were. Rose was 11 years old when her mother sent her to the streets to beg for money because there was no food at home in the favela where they lived. On the streets Rose, like other street children, was vulnerable to the pimps and soon became a victim of the child sex trade. Her clients came from Europe, America and Africa as well as from Brazil. By the age of 16 she had given birth to two babies who she had given to her mother to look after in the favela. Rose had to keep on ‘working’ to provide money for her family. She had lost all sense of self-worth. As night fell her pimp expected her to sleep with as many clients as possible to make as much money for him as possible. Rose was a silent voice in a world that couldn’t hear her cry for help. She had no hope, no future and knew no other way of earning a living.

I would like to take this opportunity to offer my support for this important Campaign. Child sexual exploitation is an abhorrent crime, no matter when or where it occurs, and I am committed to tackling it in whatever form it takes.

David Cameron
Prime Minister